SM Management

Social Media Management

Companies employ multiple social media accounts on many different social platforms. We provide social media management software that gives you ease and affordability to socially engage your clients and customers.

For  companies to thrive  they are required to combine their social customer service effort with their social media management programs. Social customer service includes directing customer service issues to the right department, updating customers about outstanding issues, and bridging the gap with the customer sighted issues through to resolution.

Basically, this service evolves around monitoring and participating in social conversations relating to your business across platforms which in effect helps your business grow its online presence.

Our solution has algorithms that do;

  • Social Listening

For any business to thrive and effectively manage customers they need to listen and adapt to changes that arise with interactions, ability to listen is the make or break point of any business that wants to stay ahead of competition. Clientlogic gives you top notch social media tools that helps your business easily connect to customers and potential ones. We do so by gathering chatter on what Is being said about your brand.

  • Uncover Business Optimizations with Social Analytics

Data gathered via social listening must be put to use through analysis of how customers and prospects feel and what they need from your business. The objective should be to make sure to have confidence in the data you are generated, once the data is interpreted it can be shared to all departments to align and make it easier for decision making.

  • Bridge the gap with Social Engagement

Social media is too big and too important to leave to chance. It is a critical channel for building brand awareness, generating leads, and staying connected with customers. In Ghana the huge amount of people signing up to be on social media platforms cannot be ignored.

Your customers want you to respond to them when they reach out to you. They want a fast response, and an accurate one. They also want to see your brand’s personality through your social media presence.


Combining social media management and social media engagement is the only way to stay aware of what is being said about your brand and fulfill your customers’ social expectations. It ensures your business is offering state of the art customer experience. And, perhaps most importantly, it reduces the overall cost of serving your customers.