From early 1960s, corporate social responsibility has attracted attention from companies and patrons in regard to its paybacks and what it is. Corporate social responsibility has been defined differently by different writers based on what they identify about the concept. Having learnt from the shattering effects of corporate social irresponsibility, companies are focusing on the impacts of their operations not only on profits but the society and environment at large. At ClientLogic we aim to add a human face to our day to day operations, yes every business wants to accrue profit but we believe in giving back and putting “people & planet” before profit.

our policy is to invest into 3 key areas;


Health is an indispensable need in all societies. In this sense, everybody is entitled to medical services for general well‐being and improvement of lifestyle among others. On health, Clientlogic has substantial attention on resources available in this sector.


Education faces the rising challenges of strained budgets, staffing issues, among others. Clientlogic seeks to take a more targeted approach in our corporate social responsibility programs. We seek to make an impact that has a connection with our own business goals.


Community development is a way of strengthening civil society by prioritizing the actions of communities and their perspectives in the development of social, economic and environmental policy. Our main aim is to prioritize local communities through strengthening the capacity of people as active citizens through their community groups, organizations and networks.

Clientlogic’s mantra is to dedicate 5% of our annual net revenue into education, health and social intervention programs.