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IT Security

We believe your organization and businesses’ protection of computer systems from the theft and damage to hardware, software or information, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services you provide. We deliver continuous protection of your organization’s digital information. Through the following services;

Some Specific Services We Provide

File Sync

Clientlogic empowers clients to sync corporate data between server and all devices that enhance day to day activities. Employees benefit from increased agility and productivity while on-the-go. Rich security and control features help overseers keep corporate data secure, while guaranteeing data access and data privacy.


File Collaboration and Sharing

Our file collaboration solutions and sharing solutions start with cloud-enabling an organization’s file servers with unique File Server Enablement feature, connecting legacy file servers to the cloud, and remote users. Changes made on the server are synced to the cloud and mobile users and vice versa. Both HQ and field personnel now can stay in sync with critical corporate content, What’s more, all user activity is tracked and deleted files can be restored or downloaded with ease. Mass revisions rollback allows file system restores to exact points in time.

Mobility and BYOD

At Clientlogic we provide mobility and BYOD solutions. You can easily sync company data between servers, workstations, mobile devices, and the cloud, enabling anytime, anywhere access and sharing of critical files. Security features promote safe collaboration, with admin options to control access and set policies. Administrators maintain security, control, and data privacy with a multi-tenant management.

Data Protection

Data protection services comprise an array of file-level, image-based and SaaS backup technologies. Strong automated scheduling and monitoring provides instant alerts and notifications for administrators and service providers. Recovery is fast and agile, whether it’s on-site, from the cloud, or in the cloud with cloud-based recovery.  Our data protection services offer multiple ways to protect and restore data based on the wide variety of business use cases.

Cloud to Cloud Backup

Our Cloud finder delivers cloud-to-cloud backup for common “software as a service” (SaaS) applications and full text indexing of all content, enabling fast and agile data recovery and restoration. All backups are fully automated and transparent to the production environment, with rich reporting and monitoring features for administrators. Backed up SaaS data is fully encrypted and safely stored in a second site, Safe Sanctuary cloud location, for defense against data loss risks in the production environment.

SAAS Data Management

Clientlogic provides you with state of the art SaaS data management with Cloud finder. Cloud finder performs backups of files and data within the most common SaaS applications by copying all cloud data to the Cloud, where the data is stored, indexed and full text searchable. Data from multiple SaaS applications can be searched, accessed, and restored from a single management console by a credentialed administrator.


Business Continuity

Our business continuity solutions are based on the BDR product line. With BDR, an image-based backup software creates an initial server snapshot and then re-captures the data, operating system, applications, and configurations of a protected machine at regular intervals.. Backup images are stored locally to the on-site BDR appliance, for recovery in case of site-wide disasters. Clients have multiple recovery options in the event of a server failure or disaster. When catastrophes strike, downtime is measured in minutes or hours, not days.


Cloud Recovery

Cloud recovery solutions are part of our business continuity offerings and are based on BDR and the Continuity Cloud. BDR backs up or imitates images of critical servers, VMs, workstations from the client office location to the Cloud. If a site-wide disaster strikes, partners can visualize and run client servers in the cloud until normal operations resume. Clients and their employees benefit from just minutes or hours of downtime, depending on the configuration or circumstances. Our cloud recovery protects business productivity and helps partners keep their promises.

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