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Electronic Health Management System

Each industry is different with regards to regulatory affairs, customer base, and manufacturing quality concerns. Clientlogic’s complaint management solutions are highly flexible and integrate with your quality management system. Additionally, no matter your industry, our solutions automate and centralize your complaints intake process, so you’re more efficient at handling and correcting customer issues to improve product/service quality and your brand reputation. This helps Streamline complaint management operations and reduce costs by improving response and closure times.


With a single and continuous record for a patient which provides a holistic view of the overall health for improved analysis and long-term treatment. Hospitals should who employ a system such as ours with patient focused records are able to track a person/patients lifetime in sickness and health.

With digital records, health professionals can more easily manage and track patients care across practices and facilities.

Our Electronic Health Management System increases productivity and efficiency. Less paperwork is required of patients and health professionals which allows them more time to actually assist patients. Reminders can be put in place to inform patients about due check-up dates or any relevant information.

Data collection allows for greater customization of care which allows providers to attend to health issues in a preventive and proactive manner.