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Company overview

Clientlogic is a digital transformation firm which provides usable solutions for customer engagement. We support organizations improve their business outcomes by helping them adapt their business systems into intelligent decision making resources. We have acquired the expertise and built the alliances to manage your customer engagement strategy so you can focus on your core competencies.

minimum input; maximum output

Who we work with

Why Clientlogic?

We enable our customers achieve the objectives of their corporate strategies with enabling technologies; providing solutions that recognize the uniqueness of their business and its resources. Our belief in “information technology as a commodity” informs our choice of strategy in delivering on agreed business outcomes that compliments their strategic differentiation.


The Clientlogic advantage

Our clients talk to us about digital transformation to increase engagements and outperform the competition. The ClientLogic Advantage is based on a well-founded premise that, no two businesses are the same; as such we tailor our approach in recognition of the uniqueness of the people, processes and platforms our clients will rely on to deliver the competitive differentiation.

Our aim is not to replace existing tools, but to augment and integrate them for real-time and holistic business orchestration.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on team work and mutual respect; it is succinctly captured in the phrase ‘working together works’. We leverage the domain expertise and unique experiences of our individual team members as well as the organizational capabilities of strategic partners to deliver results to our clients.

Our mission

We believe in the survival of the fittest in a new digital world of accelerated and unrelenting change. The new digital economy goes beyond technology, triggering a new wave of transformation in the way leaders and organizations do business. Our clients need a new type of consulting that is relevant to today’s world — embracing the possibilities of the digital economy to create value in their transformations.

Our vision

Our partnership affords businesses the use of simple yet innovative solutions to make  informed business decisions and implement effective digital strategies.

Our values

Clientlogic’s potential is founded on the collective net worth of our people, our commitment to ethical behavior and the vision of our founder. We have collective responsibility to a set of values that define our brand to ensure we achieve our corporate strategies.

Honesty is in our DNA, it is the bedrock of the ‘customer journey’ we have chosen.

We are individually and collective accountable for our actions, our commitments.

We are defined by our brand, our service and our name – “Clientlogic”

Our ethos is coded and reflects in our integrity – think self respect, fairness and equity.

Working together works; we work to meet our customer needs and to make positive impacts.

We deepen our relationships by going beyond the call of duty.